Firearm Background Checks and your Rights

A friend just asked me about my stance on background checks in relation to firearm ownership. The following was my response.

It’s a right, so therefore in theory it should not be decided who is and isn’t applicable for said right. That’s my Uber Libertarian side. But then again, I also think all able bodied citizens of age should be required to carry at all times. Crime would drop and after a period of adjustment peace would prevail. Not very Libertarian, but it’s how I feel. An armed society is a polite society. This all comes down to responsibility. Personal responsibility and responsibility for those around you. After 9/11 we threw around the word United We Stand without ever really thinking about what those words meant. But that is a rant for a different day.

I do not believe non-violent felons and those with non-violent crimes on their record should be prohibited from possessing a firearm. Honestly i feel that if we treated violent criminals with swift summary justice of a bullet to the head then our society would be A LOT safer and it would save a ton of money. So, no, if you committed a violent crime you’re out of luck. You proved you can’t play nicely with the other children so no more sandbox time for you. And if we let you back in the sandbox you’re sure as hell not getting a pail and shovel. If you were put in time out for playing with grass when it was time for schoolwork, yes, you get a shovel and pail. Okay I took that analogy way too far, but you get my point.

As for background checks regarding mental health, not only would HIPA prohibit any kind of national database, but once again we go back to being able to choose who has rights and who doesn’t. Once they do this with any right it’s only a matter of time before the same happens to other rights. Imagine our society if our People in Charge (PiC) got to pick and choose who had freedom of speech, religion and so forth. I do not want to live in such a place. When you can limit a right it ceases to be a right and becomes a privilege. Privileges can easily be taken away. Just look at all of the stupid things they can take your drivers license away for.

Also, with a Mental Health checklist of who can and cannot own a firearm, who is the one making that list? What are their biases. Chances are it will be anti-gun people. Biases are a bitch, and the PiC have plenty of them.

For years there have been elements in our government that have pushed for a law stating that if you are on a watch list you cannot own a gun. Sounds rational, right? One problem. We have absolutely NO criteria deciding who can and cannot be put on a watch list. Therefore anybody could be put on one and anybody could have their 2nd amendment rights taken away with a pen stroke. I am probably on several minor ones last I checked. I honestly do not give a rats ass. This blog will probably put me on another. Whoppity doo. I have nothing to hide and if they’re that concerned they probably have A LOT to hide.

It’s not just about guns for me. I honestly don’t give a damned what the law says. When guns are outlawed only outlaws will blah blah blah. You get the idea. I’ll never hand over a single thing, short of lead.

No, for me it’s not about guns. It’s about my Rights, your Rights, and the Over all Rights of an entire nation. History shows that when people stop being concerned about their rights, stop speaking up and turn a blind eye, THAT is when the greatest injustices happen. And I sure as hell am not going to let that happen on my watch.

I am begging you, for the good of us all, stand with me. As The Clash said, ‘Know Your Rights’! Don’t just know them. Stand up for them. And NEVER, EVER take them for granted.

(This post taken from my other blog at The Falling Toilet Seat )