About Planet ToLive

Hello, There! As the planet Tolive and Flint, her sister planet in the distance, come into view there are some things you should know before we dock at the spaceport.

As you may already know, Tolive and Flint were first colonized centuries ago when too many people and too little food caused Earth’s government to encourage splinter world settlements.*

Adherents of the Western Sect KYFHO philosophy eagerly moved to populate an earth class planet they named Tolive, because, after all, that’s why they went there – to live without an interfering and oppressive government mandating and restricting every aspect of their lives. Flint, a rather rocky planet, was settled and named by the adherents of the Eastern Sect KYFHO philosophy.

KYFHO? Well, to put it politely, in a 20th century Earth dialect it was an acronym standing for “Keep Your Freaking Hands Off”. It originated with those who followed a couple of political philosophies of the time – libertarianism and anarchocapitalism. Of course, by the time the splinter worlds were being settled, these had melded into an all-encompassing philosophy known as KYFHO.

To this day Tolive and Flint are run according to the principles of KYFHO – extremely limited government, personal responsibility, a free market economy, zero aggression and the right of self-defense. In fact, you’ll often hear Tolivians refer to one of their earliest mottoes, “a weapon in every hand and freedom on every side”**.

Enjoy your visit on Tolive. If you choose to stay, you’ll be given more information about what is expected of Tolivian citizens. Let’s have a seat and get comfortable. It looks like we’ll be arriving in just a moment.

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* Tolive, Flint, KYFHO and the thumbnail “history” you’ve just read are taken from the works of award-winning, bestselling author F. Paul Wilson – specifically, the novels and short stories that comprise the LaNague Federation series. The founders of this site profusely thank Dr. Wilson for allowing the use of his inspiring fiction as the basis for all you’ll find here.

** From An Enemy of the State by F. Paul Wilson


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